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MK Community Foundation’s grant making supports Milton Keynes to grow and thrive, through strong communities, a healthy voluntary sector and engaged individuals. Projects may benefit Milton Keynes generally, individuals through our bursary programme; individual estates or areas of need as well as emergency responses.

We aim to fund a wide range of non-profit organisations working to create social change across all 12 Vital Signs thematic areas: Strong Communities, Disadvantage and Poverty, Diversity, Health and Wellbeing, Crime and Safety, Housing, Arts and Heritage, the Local Environment, Economy, Transport, Work, and Education. We welcome applications that respond to issues raised in the Vital Signs report

We particularly welcome applications from organisations looking to address new, emerging, and/or unmet needs, those working collaboratively or in partnership, and/or those working to improve the efficiency and capacity of the local voluntary sector. We look to support projects that are impact-focussed and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and are creative, where organisations have a clear understanding of the difference they will make.

You can read our full grants policy HERE. 




Our main Grant Programmes that run throughout the year are:

Small Grants - up to £3,000

Community Grants – up to £10,000


Deadline dates -  Small Grants (Deadline on the last working Friday of each month 12pm (Midday) - turnaround 2-3 week from the date of deadline)

Community grants 12pm (Midday) 8th January 2021- turnaround 7-8 week from the date of deadline. Further dates to be released


Applying for a grant

Are you Eligible to Apply?

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Are you eligible to apply?


All applications are via an online application form only. However we do have a PDF copy of the questions we ask in the application forms for your reference.

PDF Small Grant Application Form

PDF Community Grant Application Form


Should you have any accessibility issues with accessing the forms, please get in touch with us either at or on 01908 690 276.


Should you have any further queries regarding our grant programme or processes please do get in touch with the Philanthropy Team –01908 690 276 


You can access our FAQ page here 






Our Mission


To support the growth and development of our voluntary community and cultural sector


To inspire giving to our communities through philanthropy and other social action


To take a lead in connecting and growing sustainable communities

Connecting and growing our local community

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