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Before you apply

Increase the success of your application

Making your grant application stand out

Applying for a grant can be a daunting process with lots of factors to be taken into consideration.

We want to support you through the process to give you the best possible chance of success with your application.

Before you apply for your grant, please review the list below to find out what we look for in a grant application form.

Need & Demand

The group has provided strong evidence that there is a need for this project.

This need is not being satisfactorily met locally by other agencies, i.e. this is not a duplication of an existing service.

This is the best way to meet this need.

There are limited opportunities for these funds to be raised elsewhere and/or there are not more appropriate other avenues for this funding to be sought

There is a need for this project to be supported by grant funding, e.g. the applicant organisation could not reasonably fund this from free reserves or other means.

Reach & Impact

The project and all associated costs and activities are relevant to the need it is trying to address.

The applicant is properly qualified to deliver these services to the relevant individuals in the community and possesses the skill or established connections to ensure they are delivered effectively.

The project will serve under-funded geographical areas and/or communities.

The application shows an understanding of and plans for effective outreach.

The group has addressed barriers to provision (e.g. cost, access, cultural divisions).

The project will serve a hard to reach demographic and there is evidence that the group will be able to work well with this demographic.

The project will build useful skills and resources for the local community.

There are other long-term benefits to the community from this project.


The applicant can evidence that their group has begun to strategise / investigate long term funding options that will enable this project to continue past the end of this grant.

There is realistic expectation that long term funding can be secured following the end of this grant.

If the project is not long term, the costs and financial projections offered are realistic and sustainable for this project. ‘Good value for money.’


The project has shown consideration for collaboration with other organisations where objectives are similar.

The project brings together several groups to maximise expertise.

Inclusion & Diversity

The project is fully inclusive and has taken into account differing needs with the diverse communities of MK.

Reflects an awareness of the 9 protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation) in terms of flavour and design.

Group Profile

Previous grant monitoring has been submitted on time and to a good standard.

There is a good record of sound financial and project management.

Provided governing documents and policies that comply with criteria.

The organisation has reputable endorsements from individuals and or other organisations.

The organisation has a record of enterprise or fundraising.

The organisation has a history of reaching hard-to-reach beneficiaries and/or supporting Vital Signs priority areas.

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