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Match Fund Programme

The MK population is set to grow to 500,000 by 2050.

To meet the demands of this fast-expanding population, it is essential that we continue to grow and sustain funding for community groups and charities in the city.

To support our endowment funds, we are excited to launch a Match Fund programme of £1 million pounds.

To support our endowment funds we are excited to launch a Match Fund programme of £1 million pounds.

The primary way in which we support the sector is through grants from our invested endowment funds.

We invest endowment funds donations with the Churches, Charities and Local Authorities Investment Fund and use the proceeds of the investment for grants throughout the city.

We are offering philanthropists the opportunity to set up a fund, while we match every pound donated with another pound. This can be a fund for a cause close to the donor’s heart.

Usually, the minimum needed to for an investment fund is £25,000, but with our match funding campaign you can leave a legacy for your community for as little as £12,500 and we will match the rest.

A total of £1 million is available for matching and once matched could produce an annual additional grant pot of approximately £80,000 per year.

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