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Access to affordable transport enables participation in work, education, and social networks.

One of the seven ambitions for MK for 2050 is to: ‘Make it easier for everyone to travel on foot, by bike and with better public transport, recognising both the undesirable impacts of high levels of car usage and the need to improve accessibility.‘

MK’s low-density grid system was designed for car use and the resulting high levels of car usage compared with low usage of public transport is creating unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bus passenger use is lower in MK than in England and since 2013 it has steadily decreased in MK and in the rest of England.

Safe walking and cycling routes to schools are being promoted by MK Council, along with piloting cycle and pedestrians only access to certain schools to encourage walking.

Innovation for sustainability

MK won £9m of funding as part of the Low Carbon Cities scheme for initiatives which launched in 2016 to drive the awareness of ultra-low emission vehicles and incentivise their uptake. An outcome is that MK now has the UK’s strongest Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

Vital Thinking

How can MK residents be further incentivised to choose ‘green’ travel?

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