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Supporting Accessible Periods for All

Cost of Living Grant - Girl Pack


We recently awarded Girl Pack a £10,000 Cost of Living Grant to aid their ‘Accessible Period for All Initiative’ - a vital service committed to ensuring every girl in Milton Keynes gets the period care they need.

Girl Pack

Rapid Growth in 18 Months

This year, the volunteer-lead charity have reported a substantial increased demand for their services. So far they have delivered over 7000 period packs to 100 partners across Milton Keynes.

In September alone, they distributed 1225 packs.

"We applied for the grant as funds were running out quicker than we could raise money.  We have expanded so rapidly over the last 18 months, thanks to the cost-of-living crisis, but the crisis also meant that donations all but dried up. We were in a really tight spot trying to support over 100 partners and their community with very little coming in to replace what was going out."

"This grant is really a lifeline for us and gives us the stability we need to be able to operate over the winter.  It will allow us to buy all the necessary items for our projects whist we search and secure more funding for next year and plan our own fundraisers.  

This grant means that we will be able to take on new partners, in new areas of Milton Keynes as yet unserved by our projects as well as support our existing partners."


Jennifer Head

Girl Pack Milton Keynes

Together, we can make a difference.

A regular donation funds community projects tackling vital issues in Milton Keynes.

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