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Building Resilience Through Movement

Community Grant - UDOIT Dance Foundation


We recently awarded UDOIT Dance Foundation with a £5,984.00 Community Grant to deliver workshops in Milton Keynes schools.

The sessions will that create safe, supportive spaces for young people to identify, express and overcome mental health challenges they may be experiencing, all through the power of movement and music.

UDOIT Dance Foundation

Support Needed in Schools

Through their work in schools, the organisation identified a growing need for mental health support in young people. A demand that is currently not being met in schools.

This finding is supported by our Vital Signs report, which highlighted:

  • To improve mental health in young people, there was a call for more activities and events, more safe spaces to meet, and more education around health and wellbeing. [1]

(YiS Feedback forum, published by Health Watch MK)

“This grant will support our project to go into different schools and combat issues that young people may be experiencing. Our goal is to make students feel as comfortable as possible when working on this topic, so we will be making sure that we are bringing the subject to a safe, open and non-judgemental place where young people can express themselves, create, discuss, observe, inspire and to be inspired by their peers.”


Nadia Wedderburn

South East Development Officer at UDOIT Dance Foundation

Together, we can make a difference.

A regular donation funds community projects tackling vital issues in Milton Keynes.

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