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Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes

New Counsellor Makes a Difference to Local People

"Thanks to our MK Community Foundation grant, we’ve been able to support the mental health and wellbeing of more than 200 vulnerable people every week…"

Who are Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes and what do they do?

Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes support homeless and vulnerable people across the city. The charity works all year-round helping people in many different crisis situations such as temporary homelessness, those sleeping rough and people having tenancy issues to name just a few. Every crisis that their users’ experiences impacts mental health and wellbeing and Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes is working tirelessly to help those people take back control of their emotions.

What support did Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes need?

The charity needed a dedicated counsellor in the team who could help people when they needed support the most. The value of just having someone to talk to and listen is extremely beneficial to making sure that the chance of success and the person leaving homelessness long term is increased. Following the pandemic, many people are now struggling and finding themselves in situations they could never have imagined.

What difference did our MK Community Foundation grant make?

The charity has helped many vulnerable and homeless people in a variety of situations. They included a young homeless couple who were expecting a baby, young people kicked out of their homes and people who were sofa surfing during Covid-19 but now found themselves homeless. They even helped people who had a job but couldn’t afford a roof over their heads due to high rents and women who had fled domestic violence and had no possessions and no-where to go. 80% of those guests needed and received metal health and wellbeing support.

What do real people say?

“I was going through a difficult time in my life, with lots of problems in different areas. Carmen took time to really understand the situation and the person I was. She worked patiently to empower me with skills to better cope with feeling overwhelmed, improved my relationship with my partner and achieve a sense of inner peace. I was worried my problems were too trivial to need help, but Carmen always listened with compassion and validated me as a person. I will always be grateful for her help." 

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