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Grant Supports Cha Char Chimps to Empower Afghan Children through Music and Play

"Thanks to our MK Community Foundation grant, we’ve been able to support a number of young Afghan children through music, fun and play to develop essential language skills, co-ordination and build confidence."

Who are Cha Char Chimps and what do they do?

Cha Char Chimps is an award winning, interactive musical show for pre-school aged children.

At the heart of their classes is fun and through the use of props, puppets and music, they support children and their parents with language skills, co-ordination, co-operation, confidence and concentration.

With pre-schoolers brains being two-and-a-half times more active than an adult’s, touch, movement and gestures are critical to learning.

What support did Cha Char Chimps need?

All children deserve the best start and this community interest company wanted to support families who’d had a difficult start through no fault of their own.
With the support from the MK Refugee Settlement Fund, Cha Char Chimps created vocabulary and literacy sessions for pre-school Afghan refugee children.

They knew they could teach them about how the English language is constructed through music, and better prepare them for their education journey in England.

“The bright smiles on the faces of the toddlers, young children and their mothers show how very much they enjoy the sessions.”

What difference did our MK Community Foundation grant make?

The sessions with the Afghan families were a huge success.

Children who attended began by being reluctant to make eye contact or join in, but left with much more confidence.

Their understanding of English and the development of their vocabulary shone through with the children’s ability to join in with key songs, identify colours and props and follow the routines of the session.

The structured approach also encouraged behaviour improvements in some of the more active children.

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