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Arts & Heritage Alliance MK

Thanks to our MK Community Foundation grant, we’ve been able to inspire young people across the city to use their creativity for their own wellbeing.

Who are Arts & Heritage Alliance MK and what do they do?

The Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes is a forum of organisations that work together to position arts and heritage sectors as contributors to the community and economy of Milton Keynes.  They promote, represent and develop arts and heritage, collaboratively delivering or supporting exciting activities.  Through the work, they champion the rich heritage and the creative future of Milton Keynes.

What support did Arts & Heritage Alliance MK need?

Positive change happens when empower and engage young people, so the priority was to place the voice of young people at the centre of the annual flagship project The Big Make. The Big Make is a month-long city-wide celebration of creativity that promotes positive mental health for young people. Working with young people in this way enables the community to commit, listen, learn and act in their best interests of young people wherever possible.

What difference did our MK Community Foundation grant make?

Arts & Heritage Alliance MK engaged with six young people from diverse backgrounds to inform the creative themes and content for the Big Make, as well as supporting them to oversee its development. The young people gained skills and expertise in cultural delivery and advocacy and contributed to amazing work. They helped produce 15 artist films, designed 120 Music Boxes for MK primary school students, and 120 Growth Hampers for MK secondary school students.

Help us support more causes like Arts & Heritage Alliance MK..

Our mission is to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those who live in our community. We do that by giving grants to the charities working on the ground, the charities that work hard to make change happen.  To see how you could help us to have an even greater impact in our community, take a look at our website.

What do real people say?

"Creativity is original ideas that you understand, and you get, it’s unique! You need motivation and inspiration, as well as knowledge to be as creative as you can! Creativity can help people keep busy or even relieve anxiety. Everyone has creativity inside of them, it just sometimes needs bringing out.” - Big Maker


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the hampers, they are fantastic. [We] have used the items to create a wellbeing table in sixth form…I have shown them to our school counsellor and we are going to suggest something similar for staff be put together after such a tricky year.” - Alison Butterfield, Lord Grey Academy 


"Knowing the children who received [the Music Boxes], I can assure you they will all be put to very good use and are greatly appreciated by the children who received them, particularly in what is still difficult times for many. Thank you so much. Well done for putting together such a brilliant pack of creative resources and ideas.” - Headteacher, The Premier Academy 


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