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Leaving a gift in your will to MK Community Foundation is an effective way to continue your charitable giving and create a lasting legacy for yourself and your family. By talking with us about the local issues that matter to you, we can ensure that local charities and the causes you care about are supported for many years to come.

Putting a gift in your will isn’t just for people who have access to lots of funds. Any gift you leave, no matter what the size, will make a difference to your community.

We can help and advise you and your professional advisor about creating a Legacy Fund that will become an enduring tribute and lasting memorial reflecting your personal values and your special interests.



Our supporter Christopher Hopkinson's passion for the arts and music in particular, are remembered each year with the Christopher Hopkinson Memorial Music Bursary. Christopher's wife, Maureen, works closely with our team to invest in talented young musicians to further their training in performance and musical excellence. This last year, Georgina Lee, a very talented local clarinet player, was awarded the Music Bursary; Georgina hopes to use the bursary to purchase an 'A' Clarinet so she can play the orchestral music she aspires to perform.

Find out more about our Music Bursary Programme.

By speaking with us about your passions and the issues you are concerned about we can work together to create change for local people in Milton Keynes.

Whatever course of action you decide upon, we recommend that at the time of writing your Will, or changing your Will you should instruct your professional adviser to contact us first to discuss establishing a Legacy or Tribute Fund and the naming of the fund. Alternatively, you can contact us to receive information on how to leave a bequest to the Community Foundation or add a codicil to your existing Will.

Download any of our documents below for more information & guidance:

Legacy Information - Giving in your Will

Leaving a Gift to the Community Foundation - Sample Wording

Letter of Wishes - Information Sheet

Letter of Wishes - Sample Wording

Your Legacy Pledge

Please contact our Philanthropy Team at or call 01908 690276 for more information on creating your local Legacy today.

Trust Transfer

Managing a charity long-term can be a challenge for its trustees and volunteers, with large responsibilities often falling on a few dedicated volunteers in their spare time.

The Charity Commission acknowledges that Community Foundations have a reputation for the effective management of charitable funds in order to maximise their impact at a local level. The Charity Commission and Community Foundations across the UK have worked closely in recent years to ensure that trustees seeking to revitalise moribund (dormant) or ineffective trust funds (and who are looking for an effective way of carrying on their good work in future years) can release their funds to a Community Foundation as part of their appraisal of options.

The Charity Commission welcomes and supports this initiative and encourages all charities to ask themselves whether they should work with Community Foundations as an alternative to continuing, particularly if they agree with one or more of the following statements:

  • We find it difficult to identify beneficiaries
  • We cannot spend the income of the charity
  • We find ourselves providing money to the same people or groups every year
  • We find it difficult to attract trustees
  • We would like to be involved in how the money is spent but we do not want the legal responsibility of being a
  • trustee
  • The work of administering the charity and its investment is becoming onerous or disproportionate to the level of funding
  • We wish that we knew more about local issues and opportunities and who else was funding what.
For more information, please read the documents below:
Tax Efficient Giving & Legacies
Tax Efficient Giving for Companies
Tax Efficient Giving for Individuals


Please contact our Philanthropy Team at or call 01908 690276 for more information about Trust Transfers today.