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Grants We Have Awarded

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Jack Leahy

May 2018 | Awarded: £2000

£2,000 bursary awarded to Jacky Leahy, a 15 year old Gymnast Tumbler. He hopes to use the bursary to help pay for training fees, competitions and accommodation travel expenses.

Alfie Yabsley

May 2018 | Awarded: £2000

£2,000 bursary awarded to Alfie Yabsley, an 18 year old Athlete. He plans to use the bursary to cover the costs of travel associated with competing.

Lisa Curtin

May 2018 | Awarded: £2000

£2,000 bursary awarded to Lisa Curtin, a 13 year old Badminton Player currently a member of the England Junior Performance Programme.

Ethan Van Leeuwen

May 2018 | Awarded: £2000

£2,000 bursary awarded to Ethan Van Leeuwen, a 17-year-old Badminton player. Ethan plans to use the bursary to cover some of the costs of playing at an international level.

MK Reader Service

March 2018 | Awarded: £900

To fund the tickets for plays and also refreshments, for 30 members of MK Reader Service in Milton Keynes with disabilities; to offer a chance for the participants to feel included in the community and less isolated.

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Hertsmere Leisure

March 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund the costs for various activities for children who have arrived in Milton Keynes through the social care system. The aim is to create a safe space where the children can feel a sense of community and socialise.

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Something to Look Forward To

March 2018 | Awarded: £2000

To fund staff and other costs to promote the well-being and to relieve the stress for those who are experiencing the effects of cancer in Milton Keynes; through providing individual and family experiences.

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MK Pre-School Learning Alliance

March 2018 | Awarded: £1369

To fund the marketing costs for the promotion of MK:Toy Library to the public, and also to raise the groups profile to local residents and fund additional hours for staff.

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Friends of the Library in Olney

March 2018 | Awarded: £1000

To fund gazebos and other equipment to enable the group to be able to put on more events for the local community. The gazebo will protect from inclement weather and make it easier for the group to have events.

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MK Melting Pot

February 2018 | Awarded: £4935

To fund the costs for training sessions to be run over the course of 6 weeks for people in Conniburrow at a community café. During the course they will learn basic cookery, employability skills and how to run the café, as well as a food and hygiene course.

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Milton Keynes Arts Centre

February 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To help fund costs for the free two day ‘Hey Clay’ event of ceramic drop in sessions, to give people the opportunity to take part in the arts and learn about ceramics. The two day event will include drop in sessions with tutor-led workshops and taster sessions.

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Compos Mentis Theatre

February 2018 | Awarded: £1006

To fund puppets and the costs for a performance that is being developed by people with mental health issues within Milton Keynes. The project aims to help the participants to be more self-confident in in themselves and with seeking help for their illnesses.

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