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Mad March Match 2022

£20,000 Double Your Donation Challenge

Mad March Match

This March, MK Community Foundation is giving away £20,000 in match funding to Milton Keynes groups!

Mad March Match will take place from 14th - 25th of March 2022.

This campaign will end at 12pm on the 25th March.


This Campaign Has Now Ended

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Match Fund Challenge... September Spectacular!

About Mad March Match


This March, MK Community Foundation is giving away £20,000 in match funding to Milton Keynes groups!

Your organisation could have up to £500 in donations matched, or £1,000 if you are working to support people with disabilities and/or mental health problems.

Starts: Monday 14th March at 10am

Ends: Friday 25th March at 12pm, or whenever the pot runs out—whichever comes first!

How to sign up


Register with Localgiving – this is an online fundraising platform where people can donate to your organisation. Only donations made via Localgiving will be eligible to be matched. If you are new to Localgiving, MK Community Foundation will pay for your first year’s membership (usually £96). Please get in touch with us for the promo code. Please make sure you register with Localgiving in plenty of time to ensure your profile is active before the challenge starts. We would recommend to start the process by 28th February at the latest as they will need you to send in various documents before your Localgiving page goes live.


Complete the registration form below – You must complete the form in order to take part so that you can be added to the challenge. Please do so by 9am on Monday 14th March 2022.

Funds Available


We have two pots of funding available, each for £10,000:

  • Community Fund Pot – all registered groups will have access to up to £500 from this pot. It is unrestricted, meaning your organisation can spend it on whatever they like.
  • Margaret Powell Fund Pot – if your organisation fits with the following criteria you could also be eligible for a further £500 in match funding from the Margaret Powell Fund Pot:


To fund voluntary and community groups delivering projects that:

  • benefit frail elderly people and people with disabilities regardless of age
  • help those of all ages suffering mental health issues


Ideally organisations should seek to encourage integration and social cohesion. You don’t have to be a group dedicated to these issues, as long as you plan to spend your match money in a way that addresses them—for example getting older people more involved in your group, or making your premises more accessible. Please detail this on the registration form below.

We will update the website each weekday morning during the challenge with the amount left in each pot.



The match fund pots often run out quite quickly, so it’s important that you promote the challenge to your supporters and urge them to donate as soon as the clock strikes 10am on 14th March.

To do this you could:

  • Send an email to your supporters about Mad March Match letting them know that their donations could be doubled


  • Social media campaign – we will send you some graphics to use to let your followers know you’re taking part. You could do a countdown to the start of the challenge.

How we know how much to match


We get sent a report each morning from Localgiving of the previous day’s donations, which gets entered into a spreadsheet to calculate how much each group has been matched.

We then update the website with the amount remaining in each match fund pot.

Get in touch


If you have any questions about Mad March Match, please get in touch by emailing or call the team on 01908 690276.

Make an enquiry

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our team.