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Schoolreaders Case Study

Who are Schoolreaders & what do they do?

Schoolreaders believe that all children should leave primary school able to read well.  Good literacy at this age is the cornerstone of success in secondary education and in later life. But as many as one in four children left primary school in 2019 unable to read well, and this figure will have been made worse by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Schoolreaders recruit volunteers to listen to children read in primary schools.  One-to-one reading support with an attentive adult helps children's reading fluency, comprehension and enjoyment.  It is a crucial supplement to classroom teaching for many children. ​​Everyone benefits from the Schoolreaders scheme; the children, the schools and the volunteers themselves - a little of their time can translate into life-changing improvements to a child's reading ability.

In what way did Schoolreaders need support?

During school closures, Schoolreaders’ mission to help children access good literacy skills has continued and there has never been a more important time for their work. Fundraising Manager, Natalie, said “We have still been here for children, providing virtual reading sessions and video books for schools and children at home. We sought help from MK Community Foundation to enable us to recruit even more volunteers at such a crucial time.”


What difference did the grant from MK Community Foundation make?

Natalie said, “We are very grateful to The Milton Keynes Community Foundation for supporting our work in Milton Keynes, which ensures that we can continue to recruit and place our reading volunteers into Milton Keynes schools. Our volunteers are needed more than ever in order to help many, many children (particularly those that were already disadvantaged) to catch up with reading skills and to prevent the effect of school closures on some children’s learning having a long term legacy.”


“The children have amazed me by being so very keen to read with me, so I assume it’s the individual attention and chance to make progress that they value.”  Schoolreaders Volunteer, Milton Keynes



“We have high numbers of SEND and Pupil Premium children and a large proportion of our children begin their school journey below the starting expectation therefore leaving a considerable gap within their learning before they start with us…We would warmly welcome reading volunteers to come and attend our school and support us in moving reading and a love for reading forward.” Partner school, Milton Keynes


“I think this is a wonderful idea, time for teachers to hear readers is so squeezed these days and unfortunately parents don’t seem to devote enough time to it at home, so having a volunteers in just devoted to reading is fab!” Partner school, Milton Keynes


Our emergency appeal has helped so many local community groups so far...but there are still many more who need support to deliver their vital work in these difficult times.

You can help! 

Donate now to our Emergency appeal to support some of the most vulnerable in our communities. 

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