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Laptops for MK Students

Why we are doing it?

From March 2021, we are encouraging businesses and local people to get involved by donating their devices so we can make sure best use is made of them.

It was brought to our attention through our Vital Signs 2020 research that 17.7 % children living in Milton Keynes are living in poverty. There are also many people experiencing digital poverty. Covid-19 has highlighted this even more.  This project will help toward alleviating this, not only during covid-19 restrictions but more long-term. 

There are many children in Milton Keynes that do not have laptops for homework, revision, and home schooling. Having access to a laptop will help with their educational development and confidence to get back on track. 


How can you get involved?



“There was already a digital divide between families that had access to computers for education and those who did not prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdowns have highlighted the need to focus on this issue in a long-term, sustainable, and equitable way,” said Matthew Reynolds, Founder and CEO of It’s What’s Next IT. “We’re thrilled to be able to work with local businesses to create genuine, long term change around this critical issue of socioeconomic equality of access to education.”

- It's What's Next IT - 


"MK Community Foundation are delighted to be working with Its What's Next IT to help alleviate the issues around child poverty and digital poverty in Milton Keynes. We believe this scheme will offer much needed help to children in need who will be able to continue their education and learning because of this project, which is vital to the mental health and wellbeing of the child"

- MK Community Foundation - 


"The service What’s Next IT in partnership with MK Community Foundation is a very worthwhile and beneficial project which many students in Milton Keynes can benefit from.  I liaised with Vanessa (Service Director) from start to finish regarding the possibility of laptops for my sons and throughout the whole process she was always very professional and helpful and went out of her way to secure laptops for the boys.  Having the laptops means that my boys will now be able to complete all their school work online and will also be able to use them within school to support their learning.  A big thank you not only goes to the project’s organisers, but also to all the local businesses and residents who have donated the devices in the first instance.   An amazing project with real results – THANK YOU!"

- 'Paula' Service Beneficiary - 



How to help 

To donate or request a laptop go to Its What’s Next IT website HERE or their free phone number - 01908 410883

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