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Bosom Pals Awarded Queen's Award

After being nominated by Milton Keynes Community Foundation, local voluntary group, Bosom Pals, have won a Queen's Award for Voluntary Services.

Bosom Pals is a primary Breast Cancer Support Group in Milton Keynes that is run entirely by patients.

The group was established in 1991 by two breast cancer patients with the help of the breast care nurse at Milton Keynes Hospital. The group has gone from strength to strength since then and have helped many people who have experienced breast cancer and their families also.

In 2014, women who had been treated for a gynaecological cancer were invited to join the group also, as they noticed a gap in the lack of services available locally for people who were going through this. 

In 2015, Bosom Pals first provided their 'Goodie Bags' for all breast and gynae patients who were having surgery in Milton Keynes Hospital. 

Bosom Pals holds 'open evenings' where men who are experiencing breast cancer can also join them for support.

Other activities Bosom Pals offer include Dobbies Afternoon 'Tea and Cake' meetings, Summer barbecue, Christmas Party, Christmas meal and theatre outings.

Bosom Pals are there to offer support when people who are suffering, need it the most. They offer the opportunity to discuss your feelings and fears with someone who knows exactly what you are going through, so that people don't need to feel isolated and alone. 

They have volunteers who have been trained by Macmillan Cancer voices to listen and respond. They can be telephoned or texted, make one-to-one home visits or meet up for a coffee. Whether you are going through treatment now or you have received treatment in the past, they are here to listen and offer advice and support. They provide the opportunity to talk through your concerns and signpost you to the most helpful information that might be useful. Bosom Pals is also open to Carers, Relatives and Friends of those diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

We are extremely proud that our nomination meant that this incredible local charity have been recognised for the amazing work that they are doing. 

Bosom Pals would also like to thank the people of Milton Keynes for all of the support they have received over the years.

If you would like to find out more about Bosom Pals and the work that they do, you can go to their website HERE.