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Green Elephant launching soon in Acorn House

We sat down with Rachit Chawla, owner of the Green Elephant cafe, which is set to open on the ground floor of Milton Keynes Community Foundation’s Acorn House on Midsummer Boulevard, to find out more about what inspired him to open a cafe...

Q: Have you always had a passion for food?

A: Well, I have wanted to open a cafe for nearly 15 years and I was always passionate about opening a community cafe that focused on fresh, local food, and a space that people from different community groups and local companies can also use.

Q: Why choose Milton Keynes Community Foundation’s Acorn House for your cafe?

A: Apart from the space being brilliantly located in Central Milton Keynes for people who work here and who are out shopping for the day, it was the perfect choice as an accessible place that is engaged with the local community. I feel like the local businesses really promote each other here. I would also like to potentially hold community workshops in the space as well and promoting healthy living. I am also passionate about reducing plastic waste and making the cafe as environment-friendly as possible, for example, with reusable containers and packaging.

Q: What kind of food will you be serving?

A: We will be serving a range of freshly cooked breakfasts. Vegetarian options will also be available, that can be ordered throughout the day. At lunchtimes we will be offering a range of sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salads and more freshly cooked food.

Q: Finally, what would your order be from a cafe?

A: My favourite thing I always order is a cappucino, and I also love an English breakfast!

Green Elephant Cafe is set to open very soon in Acorn House on Midsummer Boulevard... Watch this space.