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YMCA MK receive £27.921 Mental Health Funding

YMCA Milton Keynes funded for Mental Health Space

Milton Keynes Community Foundation are proud to have recently awarded £27.921 to The YMCA Milton Keynes to fund the expansion of the mental health support that they offer, with a private space that will be dedicated to counselling.

The space, which will be in the new YMCA Campus in the centre of Milton Keynes, will offer a pathway of support focusing on independent living, health and wellbeing and employability. The new space will include a private office with kitchen and bathroom facilities that will mean the space is completely safe and secure. The room will lead onto a rooftop garden, which will be the only access point to the garden, meaning that the residents can access it as a safe space to speak to their key worker in private. The garden will include furniture and plants; creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Residents with poor mental health can experience issues around homelessness, relationship breakdown or unemployment. Poor housing or becoming homeless also significantly increases the chance of developing a mental health problem. 

Working towards good mental health is key to many residents' wellbeing and progress. Some residents could be dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma or loss. Until these issues are addressed, it is very difficult for the residents to engage with the wider support services that are offered at the YMCA. MK Community Foundation are proud to support this incredibly impactful project that will enhance the lives of the people who are living at the YMCA.

This space will ensure that the building is fully equipped to meet the complex needs of the residents, enabling the YMCA to create a new, positive and supportive environment and culture from the first day.