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Transformation Grants

Transformation Grants

The Transformation Grants programme can consider applications for one-off grants of over £5,000 taking place within a 12-month period.

The maximum grant size will depend on your project, as many of our funding streams are restricted to specific criteria. We expect that typical awards will range from £15,000 to £25,000, depending on grant availability.

Our priorities

We are particularly eager to support:

  • Projects addressing issues highlighted in Vital Signs (you may wish to refer to Vital Signs short and long reports from the last few years available here), which are able to evidence the difference they will make
  • Project-specific funding working towards clearly set outcomes, rather than a varied range of activities working towards an overarching goal
  • Sustainable projects providing long-term solutions beyond the grant period
  • Projects which get “ahead of the curve” in addressing new, emergent, or as yet unmet needs in Milton Keynes
  • Organisations working in partnership (please note, partnership proposals will still require one lead organisation to make the application)
  • Projects where support from the Community Foundation would leverage local or national funding from other sources into the Milton Keynes Voluntary, Community and Cultural Sector
  • Projects that support any of the other strategic aims of the MK Community Foundation, as outlined in our Strategic Plan 2018-2023 available here. 

What we can and can’t fund

  • Please ensure you fully review our Grants Policy and Eligibility Criteria, as these apply across all our grant-making programmes.
  • Core costs are not eligible, except in exceptional circumstances
  • Staff costs may be considered, but only for project-specific hours
  • Projects must take place within a 12-month period, to commence within 6 months of the grant award date, except in exceptional circumstances.

Who can apply

In addition to our normal criteria:

  • We will only consider applications from organisations with a history of successful management of grants of £5,000 or more
  • We are unlikely to consider organisations who do not have a track record of successfully managing MK Community Foundation funding through one or more of our other grant programmes 
  • Organisations that have been in operation for less than 12 months are not eligible to apply

If you want to get in touch with our Philanthropy Team to talk about The Transformation Grant Programme please call 01908 690276, or email

Application process

Applications will follow a two-stage process, with stage one being expressions of interest and you will then be invited to complete an application which is stage two.

To commence the first stage, please contact the Philanthropy Team to arrange to meet with us to discuss your project. A member of the team will advise you what you will need to prepare for this meeting.


Open 21st February

23rd March – shortlisting

8th May – deadline for full applications

8th June – panel


Open 21st August

21st September – shortlisting

6th November – deadline for full applications

7th December – panel


Please note that stage 2 applications for over £25,000 will be subject to an additional review by our Board of Trustees in early 2020 before they can be awarded.