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MK SNAP Receive a 65k Large Strategic Grant

£65,000 Large Strategic Grant awarded to MK SNAP

Milton Keynes Community Foundation are extremely proud to have supported MK SNAP with a £65,000 Large Strategic Grant, to be awarded over 3 years to support their ‘Snap Up Success’ project, which will be opening up futures for people with learning disabilities in Milton Keynes.

The £65,000 three-year investment will expand the skills of people with learning disabilities and promote five business enterprises of catering, gardening, art, craft and packing & assembly, run at MK Snap, the city’s leading learning and skill-building charity. The programme will see 100 people with learning disabilities in Milton Keynes have the chance to learn and gain valuable work experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The experience will ultimately help the participants to enter into the world of work; meaningful partnerships with local employers will help with this portion of the programme. While people are taking part in the programme they will work to gain a ‘Passport to Success’ which will record their achievements in communication, numeracy, literacy and IT, alongside ‘Soft Skills’ such as confidence, self-esteem, inspiration and motivation. The project will ultimately be working to see a cultural change within Milton Keynes for people with learning disabilities.

Ian Revell, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Community Foundation said: "It's brilliant to be supporting people with different abilities and recognising the work of every individual. It's a wonderful project that enables people to bring their skills and talents into the work environment."

CEO of MK SNAP, Angela Novell said: “Snap Up Success will develop skills and create choices for people with learning disabilities that they didn’t believe possible, such as new work opportunities.”

Angela added: “We are immensely grateful to MK Community Foundation for their support. Snap Up Success will be a long-lasting legacy for adults with learning disabilities and a flagship project for the MK Community Foundation Large Strategic Grants programme.”

Our Large Strategic Grant programme runs once a year and is for large multi-year strategic projects that will make a significant difference to the organisation and the local community. Keep up to date with our social media to find out more about our Grants Programmes.

Funding for this programme comes from the National Lottery Community Fund and the Margaret Powell Foundation Fund.

 Photography by Jane Russell