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Announcing the Adams Engineering Prize

Awarding Innovation - Investing in the Future of Engineering 

We are pleased to announce that Mollly Newcombe has been selected as the winner of the Adams Engineering Prize! 19-year-old Molly was presented with the bursary of £2,000 at the MK College Students of the Year Awards event held at Woburn Sculpture Gallery on 6th June 2019.

The award is supported by David and Jennifer Adams, long term supporters of MK Community Foundation’s work. The purpose of the award is to support talented young engineers as they develop their skills.

The judging panel were very impressed with the quality of the proposals. They were looking for a practical and innovative engineering solution, presented in a clear and persuasive manner. Each of the finalists gave strong presentations and demonstrated a strong aptitude for creativity in engineering.

As the winner of this year’s award, Molly gave a particularly confident and thorough presentation that impressed the whole panel. Molly created a ‘Riding Safety Lanyard’ that can be used in an emergency to send an SOS signal to a chosen contact. The research and thought that Molly put into this project was clearly shown in her presentation. Molly intends to use the award to support her continued studies and to further develop as an engineer.

We would like to send out a big thank you to David and Jennifer Adams for their continued support and commitment to this award and to MK College, working in partnership with us to recognise future talent. 

We would also like to send out a massive congratulations to Molly and wish her all the best in her future career. We look forward to following her progress.