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The Work Life Project

MK Community Foundation are proud to have funded MK Gallery for a series of workshops and talks that were exclusively for young women within Milton Keynes to help them discover how their skills can contribute to the creative industry. 

The programme, called ‘The Work Life Project’ encouraged the participants to be more confident in their own abilities and to build their knowledge and skills to help them pursue a career in the creative industry. The project particularly looked at working with BAME young women and women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The project, designed to address the gender and racial gaps in the creative industries, was facilitated by ‘Of Our Own’ and the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design. The half day workshops included: ‘The Female Gaze and careers in photography, film and image making’, ‘Design Equality and careers in Design’, Media Voice and careers in media and journalism’ and ‘The Business of Creativity and careers in fashion and creative sector management’.

The workshops, which were exclusively for young women attending secondary school in Milton Keynes, helped the pupils gain knowledge of different career routes, education and work experience available to them while increasing their confidence in pursuing a creative career.

The workshops also offered the opportunity for the participants to explore the work of Paula Rego, using it as a starting point for discussions about feminism and gender equality, as well as taking part in discussions and debates with prominent industry speakers from sectors including fashion, design and photography.

The funding for this project went through Milton Keynes Community Foundation’s Tampon Tax Community Fund, which was part of a government scheme to distribute funding raised through the levy on sanitary products in 2017/18 to small, local projects, working with its network of Community Foundations across the country.

Photo Credit: Jam Patel