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Women & Girls Projects Receive £3.4 Million of National Funding

Women & Girls Projects Share £3.4 Million of National Funding

More than 400 local projects across the UK working with some of society’s most vulnerable women and girls have received a much-needed funding boost from their local Community Foundation.

Small charities and community groups have received up to £10,000 from the Tampon Tax Community Fund to provide services for women of all ages and backgrounds facing issues such as period poverty, domestic and sexual abuse, mental health and long-term unemployment to build their skills, confidence and self-esteem.

As one of the UK’s largest grant-giving organisations, UK Community Foundations was asked by government to distribute the largest share of the funding raised through the levy on sanitary products in 2017/18 to small, local projects, working with its network of Community Foundations across the country.

Natalie Jordan, Philanthropy Manager at MK Community Foundation said:

“MK Community Foundations is extremely proud to support 2 local projects that support women and girls to gain skills and knowledge aimed at improving aspirations, wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem."

MK Community Foundation are pleased to announce that the 2 projects that are being funded through the distributed fund in our local area are:

All People Active CIC - Us Girls Get Active -  £8,150

All People Active are an organisation who aim to remove the barriers and reduce the inequality of opportunity that exists for all people. Their aim is to provide free and affordable sport or physical activity for all people to help improve their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

The ‘Us Girls Get Active’ programme that MK Community Foundation have supported aims to empower young women who have perhaps faced challenging circumstances, to be more active and healthy while also improving their confidence and self-esteem. All People Active will provide dance, sport and fitness classes that will help teenage girls, young mums and families to increase their physical activity, and in doing so, positively impact their physical and mental well-being.

MK GalleryThe Work Life Project -  £4,632

MK Community Foundation have also funded MK Gallery for a series of workshops and talks that will be exclusively for young women within Milton Keynes to help them discover how their skills can contribute to the creative industry. The programme, called ‘The Work Life Project’ will encourage the women taking part to be more confident in their own abilities and to build their knowledge and skills to help them pursue a career in the creative industry. The project will particularly look to work with BAME young women and women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Community Foundations were oversubscribed in all areas for the Tampon Tax Community Fund. Only a quarter of the 1,500 applications for vital women and girls projects could be supported from this stream of funding.

We are very pleased to be supporting these projects and look forward to hearing all about the positive impact that they have on women and girls in our local community.