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All About Career WorkOut

All About Career WorkOut

This month we had the pleasure of taking part in Career WorkOut sessions at Radcliffe School run by Worktree. 

Worktree is an employability education charity based in Milton Keynes, with a mission to prepare young people for the world of work by engaging employers in their education. 

We arrived early and met our fellow volunteers over a coffee while taking in our brief for the session.

The sessions work on the premise that each volunteer is interviewed by several students for a few minutes. The volunteers are asked to hold back from taking over the interview and let the students lead the session. The students then move on and meet the next volunteer. After the session is complete, each student will have spoken to a broad range of people with a rich background of experience in a variety of careers.

The sessions follow a series of steps that encourage positive social interaction, with different kinds of people and helping the students to build up knowledge about various pathways into employment. 

We are proud to fund Oakhill Secure Training Centre's Career WorkOut sessions

Alongside running sessions in schools, Worktree has also branched out (excuse the pun) into other settings. We’re pleased to have recently funded a 6-week careers workshop for young offenders at the Oakhill Secure Training Centre.

Although all 80 of Oakhill’s trainees receive a programme of full-time education inside, and some benefit from supported work experience placements, the vast majority have no access to learning directly from employers about the world of work. 

The sessions will include 30 diverse employees, broadly representing the local labour market, each volunteer will share his or her own winding career path and introduces young offenders to occupations they may never have considered, building their confidence and developing employability skills. 

Sign up for a Career WorkOut session

Taking part in a Career WorkOut session is a fantastic way to give something back to your local community. It only takes an hour to take part and can also help volunteers to step outside their everyday work routine.

If you would like to take part in the career WorkOut visit to find out more.