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MK MS Therapy Centre Visit

We were excited to visit MK Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre for their Coffee Morning on Friday 25th! 

MK Community Foundation were happy to join Milton Keynes MS Therapy Centre for their Fundraising coffee and cake morning at their base in Stacey Bushes.

There was a huge turnout at the morning, and we had the pleasure of meeting some of the centre’s volunteers and people who have benefited from the therapies and hyperbaric oxygen chamber that the group are able to provide.

Milton Keynes MS Therapy Centre serves the people of Milton Keynes and the wider community by offering a range of alternative therapies for people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions e.g. M.E. Arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke, diabetes, autism and also sports injuries. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber available at the centre, involves breathing pure oxygen through a mask or a mouthpiece, under an increased level of pressure. This allows more oxygen to be passed from your blood into your tissues, which has been shown to help people with many different conditions.

We were welcomed to the Coffee morning by Rosario, one of the founding members of the centre and the managing director, and Sharn who works at the centre and organised the event. We also spoke to Lisa who is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy manager, who explained to us about the training that volunteers receive before operating the chamber.

One of the standout things about the centre is the sense of community that you feel by being there; it’s clear that this centre provides the people who go there with a support system that feels more like family. Sharn was telling us that the centre has an uplifting feel and that it is a totally happy place to be.

Karen, an employee from Tesco, was volunteering at the tea and coffee station and explained Tesco had donated a selection of cakes and biscuits for the morning, as well as there being incredible homemade selections to choose from.

MK Community have supported MK MS Therapy group in the past for funding for ‘demand valves’ which are vital to the use of the hyperbaric chamber. We have also funded the centre for support in maintaining the therapy service to help make it as accessible as possible.

If you want to find out more about Milton Keynes Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group, you can visit their website at