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Border-Zone: Dreams, Memories & Realities

On Wednesday 6th February, MK Community Foundation had the privilege attending MK Museum for Grid Arts light, sound and performance installation.

The installation was created by Lightscape artist Thomas D Gray in collaboration with Simon Bradford, Anna Berry and Bill Bartolotta, and with performances by Motus Dance, Gabrielle Baldocci, Lola Perrin, Sally Halsey and Jessica Thayer.

The installation, supported by Milton Keynes Community Foundation, was titled Border-Zone: Dreams, Memories & Realities, and was designed to transform the space around the viewer by blending images and music together into a 360 degree experience that will evoke memories, dreams and thoughts to heighten our sense of reality.

There are two galleries at MK Museum; a ‘Light Gallery’ and a ‘Dark Gallery’ that were transformed for the event.

The Light Gallery featured a ‘Lightscape’ which incorporated images from 24 projectors that created a 360 degree virtual world as part of a fully animated and immersive experience for the guests. The gallery transformed throughout the evening, with ever changing photographs that depicted that were combined with a soundscape of music, sounds and voices. The images were selected to spark memories while also creating new experiences for the audience, and included seaside holiday photos that very slowly dissolved into doorways and different spaces.

The Dark Gallery featured art installations that were more interactive and designed for people to be able to explore them and immerse themselves in; this included ‘Light Pool’, ‘Under Currents’ and Anna Berry’s interactive installation called ‘Brexit Selfie’.

It’s wonderful to see the inspiring ways in which local artists in the community are creating unique and thought-provoking art installations that can be enjoyed at no cost by people of all ages across Milton Keynes.

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