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Granpart Visit

We attended one of Granpart’s meetup support sessions for grandparents who are unable to see their grandchildren.

On 28th January we had the privilege of attending one of Granpart’s meetup sessions.

Granpart is a group that supports grandparents who are unable to see their grandchildren, for circumstances that are normally out of their control. The group offers an important support system for the people who attend, enabling them to share their experiences and to realise that they are not alone. The warm supportive environment allows the members to support each other through the difficult circumstances they are facing.

The group was founded by Marion Turner, after circumstances made it difficult for her to see her grandchild. After sharing her situation with other people, she soon realised that she was not alone; that there were other grandparents out there who were also suffering from similar circumstances.

Marion explained: “Granpart was designed simply to give grandparents who are going through this difficult time an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. We create an informal environment where we can chat and share experiences and support each other.”

A member of the group shared her thoughts about how the group has helped her: “Going through this experience can have a detrimental effect upon the mental health of both the children and Grandparents. Granpart supports us emotionally; sharing experiences can have a much-needed healing of the heart and mind.”

As we listened to the group, it became clear that as well as being time consuming and emotionally exhausting there can often be escalating costs when navigating the legal system.

Currently the law does not recognise an automatic right for Grandparents to have contact with their Grandchildren, and people looking to take the matter to court are often faced with expensive bills and barriers in terms of understanding legal terminology.

MK Community Foundation are proud to have funded Granpart helping them to expand the reach and capacity of their group.

If you would like to find out more about Granpart, visit their website: or follow them on their twitter at @GranPart1

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