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360° Apprenticeship Video

360° MK College Apprenticeship Video 

We were happy to welcome MK College to our offices this month for the filming of their 360° video with Movey Video; focusing on showing what it’s like to be an apprentice here at MK Community Foundation!

Our finance apprentice, Jamie, was fitted with a 360° GoPro camera attached to a helmet, which he wore throughout the day to capture what a normal workday was like. Filming it in 360° meant that the video could be viewed through a virtual reality headset, and the audience can be completely immersed in the sounds and sights of what it is like to be an apprentice.

The film captures a typical day from start to finish for our apprentice; including arriving at work, checking in, meetings, as well as the social aspect of work life. The film was part of a project by MK College who aimed to show people, through a variety of different videos in various workplaces, what it is like to be an apprentice in Milton Keynes.

The video was showcased at MK College Apprenticeship Fair, where hopeful apprentices could view the video, along with others, and experience what it’s like to live through a day here at MK Community Foundation.