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Shenley Wood Retirement Village Sensory Garden

We are proud to have part funded the new sensory garden at Shenley Wood Retirement Village

MK Community Foundation are proud to have supported Shenley Wood Retirement Village Sensory Garden project to part fund their sensory garden which has just been completed this year.

The sensory garden, which has been designed and built by the residents who live within the retirement village, has planters and displays designed to represent each of the five senses.

Amongst the plants in the sensory garden there are different species of grass planted in boxes, chosen specifically to create wispy sounds as they are blown in the wind. A miniature herb garden in another planter attracts different senses in that of smell and taste, with perfectly formed rows of different plants.

Lined with beautiful multi-coloured pillars, the garden features a central Niagara water feature surrounded by a seating area for the residents and visitors to enjoy.

A sun dial marks the end of the garden’s walkway that is situated in the grassy opening between the village’s apartment buildings.

A pagoda forms part of the garden’s walkway, with the beginnings of plants that will gradually cover the outer surface.

Ann, a resident of the village gave us a tour around the different facilities that the village has available to those who live there; a fully equipped gym looking out into the village’s main square and streets is one of the main features of the village.

A spacious bar and restaurant is located in the centre of the village; closely situated near a fully equipped woodworking studio, where residents are able to build and create a wide variety of different objects that they can then sell on; the village also has a hairdressers, ‘The Beehive’ and arts and crafts workshops where people can gather to socialise and create art together.

The sensory garden offers a place where the residents can relax and socialise while enjoying nature, and is a perfect addition to the wonderful Shenley Wood Retirement Village!