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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan - 5 Years Forward

Milton Keynes Community Foundation is an independent charity working for and at the heart of Milton Keynes. We connect people and resources to projects and ideas to create positive impacts and enduring solutions for our communities.

Our Vision is for a thriving Milton Keynes where everyone is contributing to their community

Our Mission is to connect people with resources, skills and ideas to enrich lives and create positive growth for Milton Keynes. We achieve our mission through three themes of:

Supporting  Inspiring  Leading
To support the growth and development of our voluntary community and cultural sector
To inspire giving to our communities through philanthropy*1 and other social action
To take a lead in connecting and growing sustainable communities

Our Value Statements

  • A diverse, vibrant, well supported voluntary, community and cultural sector is the key to any thriving community
  • All communities benefit from effective connections between sectors - business, public, community and cultural
  • Everyone’s contribution matters and should be valued and encouraged
  • Fairness, diversity and equality of access are the basic foundations of every community
  • The needs of today should be balanced with the need to invest for the future
  • Openness, transparency and accountability are the bedrock for building a sense of community ownership and belonging.

Needs - We are aware of the ever-changing needs and issues to which our work must respond:

  • Voluntary Cultural and Community Sector (VCCS) under threat as core funding is disappearing and MK Council is forced increasingly to focus on only statutory obligations
  • Sustainability is a key issue, with little head-space in the sector for strategic thinking and innovation.
  • The borough’s diversity and demographic is changing rapidly, this creates significant opportunities.
  • The significant benefit for the VCCS for new models of effective, creative, innovative partnership working such as sharing resources / back office services and collaborative working
  • The positive impact of the VCCS is not expressed or valued, in part because the VCCS voice is muted and governance is weak in places
  • Mental health is a growing issue, both locally and nationally
  • MK is growing at a rapid pace, with a changing population that includes more older people and more BME communities. In this landscape, place-making for social integration must be at the core. 
  • There is limited engagement between the Foundation and the majority of MK citizens, particularly young people, in part because the our “offer” is complex and sometimes unclear 
  • Effective proposals for the future development of Community Foundation land and property 
  • The Oxford/MK/Cambridge Arc is a national focus for future development, but, paradoxically MK is not yet attracting appropriate levels of regional/ national funding.

Our Strategic Goal is to build a resilient, creative, inclusive and philanthropic community.

Our Outcomes

  1. A sustainable, resilient, confident and creative VCCS
  2. An actively philanthropic Milton Keynes community
  3. An effective and appropriately resourced VCCS and MK Community Foundation

In five years-time our impact will be:

A resilient thriving, active and energetic community.

Our Activities are measurable and help us to deliver these outcomes.

Outcome: A sustainable, resilient, confident and creative VCCS

Achieved through:

  • collaboration and sector support
  • property and land development
  • diversification of funding options/streams
  • strong and effective evaluation methods

Outcome: An actively philanthropic Milton Keynes community

Achieved through:

  • promoting philanthropic endeavour
  • business engagement campaign
  • Vital Sign and other sector-specific research
  • promote the VCCS as a positive force for change

Outcome: An effective and appropriately resourced VCCS and MK Community Foundation

Achieved through:

  • increase the Community Foundation’s giving by at least 50% in next 5 yrs
  • focused Community Foundation staff structure
  • deepening and growing our city-making role/partnerships
  • marketing and communications