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Remember a Charity in your Will Week

Have your say in the World you want to pass on

The ‘Remember a Charity in Your Will Week’ campaign ran between the 11th and 17th September.

The campaign is aimed at getting people to consider how they would like to help future generations and what particular organisations they would like to support. Emphasis was on calling the public to “Have their say on the world you want to pass on.”

By speaking with us about your passions and the issues you are concerned about we can work together to create positive change for local people in Milton Keynes.

Whatever course of action you decide upon, we recommend that at the time of writing your Will, or changing your Will you should instruct your professional adviser to contact us first to discuss establishing a Legacy or Tribute Fund and the naming of the fund. Alternatively, you can contact us to receive information on how to leave a bequest to the Community Foundation or add a codicil to your existing Will.

By leaving a legacy to MK Community Foundation in your will, you can ensure that the money you are leaving will positively impact the local community and go to the people who need it the most.

We can work with you to make sure your gift goes towards helping causes that are close to your heart.

For more information about information & guidance about giving visit our legacy page.

Please contact Jennifer Walker at or call 01908 690276 for more information on creating your local Legacy today.