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We are thrilled to announce a new £50,000 fund to improve financial education in MK

We are thrilled to announce the Milton Keynes based financial planning company, Wealth & Tax Management, have pledged to donate £50,000 to Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

Tony Byrne, MD of Wealth & Tax Management, explains how he first heard of the Foundation at a networking event:
“I immediately liked the idea of supporting smaller local charities and self-help groups. The idea of giving back to our local community appealed to me and I thought there would be less waste in smaller organisations. It has been invaluable to be able to meet the people working in local groups and smaller charities and see that our donations really do make a difference.”

Wealth and Tax Management have requested that their donations should make a particular difference to financial education for local people who need it most. The monies will be managed as The Tony Byrne Financial Education Fund with 50% going to good causes each year and 50% being placed into an endowment where it will be invested indefinitely. The income from the endowment will also be used to work with charities and community groups focussing on financial education for people of all ages in Milton Keynes, with the aim of making them financially self-sufficient.

Research proves that people who are financially better off live longer, are healthier and have fewer relationship breakdowns, which means fewer broken homes. Tony’s wish is to make as many people as possible not only financially literate but also financially self-sufficient, so they can enjoy these benefits.

The donation is to be staged in 5 payments of £10,000 per year.

Jennifer Walker, Director of Development for the Foundation, is delighted:

“It’s a very generous donation to assist projects which improve financial wellbeing in the Milton Keynes area. Over the past 30 years, the Community Foundation has provided over £20millon to local charities and community groups; this kind gift will help us continue the work we do to make Milton Keynes a great place to live and work for everyone.”