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Thanks a billion!

Community Foundations hit the one-billion-pound mark

Local charities make up the lifeblood of our communities. They make a daily difference to millions of people. That’s why Community Foundations are proud to announce, on Local Charities Day, collectively our 46 Community Foundations have distributed ONE BILLION POUNDS to local charities. 

This milestone shows the impact that Community Foundations have had on local communities. In the last year alone we distributed £77million in grants and 4.7million people were impacted by our work.

From floods to fuel poverty to food banks, we support communities where they need it the most. We reach every postcode in the UK and this reach means that we support the very smallest charities and community groups, who often go unnoticed by many. But it’s these charities that are a lifeline for so many people and desperately need our support

Take for example, our Surviving Winter campaign, which gives grants to local charities to help them help older people get through the winter.

89 year old Raymond has never had to do any cooking. When he was a boy, his mum did the cooking and then while serving in the RAF all his meals were provided. He then depended on his wife Phillis. When she died he was at a loss emotionally but also found that he couldn’t look after himself, especially as he is now partially blind. Thankfully the Shildon People’s Centre in County Durham where Raymond lives provides breakfast and dinner every day to those who need it. They even pick him up and take him home after dinner. Shildon People’s Centre can only get by with a Surviving Winter grant from County Durham Community Foundation.

Raymond and so many others like him, up and down the country, rely on this help. And not just at winter time. Community Foundations support anyone that needs help. Be it providing funding for a school breakfast club so that local children can have at least one hot meal a day or giving a grant to an organisation that supports young people into training or employment, Community Foundations are there to help.

Fabian French, Chief Executive of UK Community Foundations, said
“At UK Community Foundations we’re proud to work with incredible local charities day in day out. We understand the needs of the communities we work in and direct grants to causes that will meet that need and will make the biggest difference. That’s why we passionately support Local Charities Day and why Community Foundations are what the Chair of the Charity Commission says ‘exactly what charities should be’.”

Support your local Community Foundation and help us reach two billion pounds so we can continue to support local communities.