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Grants We Have Awarded

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Milton Keynes YMCA

July 2020 | Awarded: £975

Emergency Grant - to fund three laptops to be used by YMCA residents.

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MK Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group

July 2020 | Awarded: £4200

Emergency Grant - to prepare to re-open the facility.

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Olney Covid Support group

July 2020 | Awarded: £2000

Emergency Grant - For assisting the community in returning to a degree of normality by ensuring that their environment is as safe as possible with regard to issues surround the COVID 19 virus.

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Ride High Limited

July 2020 | Awarded: £905

Emergency Grant - to fund new uniform for the children (and extra supplies for staff).

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Home-Start Daventry and South Northants

July 2020 | Awarded: £2838

Emergency Grant - to run exercise and fun groups for children under 5 and their parents, in the Whitehouse Park area.

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MK Mavericks Futsal Club

July 2020 | Awarded: £5240

Emergency Grant - To fund 5hr blocks so they can continue to deliver their sport programme.

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Olney Town Council

July 2020 | Awarded: £1776

Emergency Grant - To deep clean and fog the Centre and the public lavatories prior to re opening.

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Service Six

July 2020 | Awarded: £2900

Emergency Grant - To fund the purchase of PPE equipment so they can carry out their services safely.

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Ride High Limited

July 2020 | Awarded: £2500

To provide a 6-week programme to 40 beneficiaries from two other charities.

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Lavendon Village Hall

July 2020 | Awarded: £5000

To cladd the main ceiling with sound absorption materials.

Milton Keynes Heritage Association

July 2020 | Awarded: £3700

To work with chosen groups to identify parts of their archive to catalogue, learn how to catalogue look at its conservation needs, and produce a local display.

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Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust

July 2020 | Awarded: £3000

To continue to run the Rainbow Group, a group for children who are going through bereavement.

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