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Check Your Eligibility for MK Emergency Appeal Fund

Funding Criteria for MK Emergency Appeal Fund

The criteria are informed and guided by


Decision Making

Requests for financial assistance will be assessed by a grant panel specifically set up for this Appeal.

Grant awards to groups to be made weekly initially, to be reviewed regularly to address the volume of applications.

Further, if it appears to the Trustees of the MK Community Foundation that the purpose of the Appeal have been fulfilled as far as practicable, the Trustees may resolve to apply the balance remaining of the Appeal at the time for to general charitable purposes of the MK Community Foundation, so ending the Appeal.


The Future

It is still too soon to know what longer-term effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will be, nor the extent of its adverse impacts.  Therefore, a flexible response is required. The Trustees of the Foundation are determined to do all in their power to meet needs in the fields to which the Fund will be applied. They are ready to increase the Appeal target, and to modify the organisation of the Appeal and the systems of grant making to satisfy emerging needs.


Help for community groups, charities and other not for profit organisations

Grants may be made for charitable purposes to relieve hardship caused directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Who can apply:

  • Charities, community groups or other not for profit organisations who are directly or indirectly affected by COVID 19.
  • Charities, community groups or other not for profit organisations who are supporting people directly affected by the virus.
  • Parish Councils may also apply at the discretion of the Philanthropy Team


For those affected by COVID-19 we can provide help with (this list is not exhaustive):

  • support activities that help vulnerable people
  • community response coordination
  • volunteer costs
  • support for foodbanks and organisations working to combat child hunger and poverty
  • support core costs for organisations providing support for vulnerable groups
  • support for domestic abuse organisations during self-isolation periods


For those providing services to people or communities affected by COVID-19:

Groups will be supported to provide services which support individuals, families or communities with support during this period and which help build stronger, more resilient communities. Priority will be given to groups who support one or more of the following groups of people: older adults, families with young children, people with physical or learning disabilities, people with mental health needs and people on low incomes. Applicants will be expected to show evidence of collaboration with other service providers, where appropriate, and maximise the use of volunteers

The Trustees will not cover costs covered by community group’s insurance.


Project costs considered:

Running costs, an appropriate contribution towards fixed costs, materials etc.

Additional information will be required, including:

  • Copy of constitution or rules etc.
  • Copy of latest annual accounts and bank statement.

How much can you apply for?

Grants up to a maximum of £3000 will normally be considered, subject to funding availability. However larger amounts can be considered, please contact the Philanthropy Team on or 01908690276 to discuss further.



How to apply:


Apply online using our simple Coronavirus Response Form


If you are unable to apply online, please request a Word document form from or phone 01908 690 276 


If you would like to know more about this Appeal or need assistance to complete an application please contact:  The Philanthropy Team on 01908 690276  or email

 The COVID-19 MK Emergency Response is supported by MK Community Foundation, MK Council donations from individual fundholders and businesses.




MK Food Support Fund


In partnership with Milton Keynes Council, The MK Food Support Fund will award grants to assist groups who support residents of Milton Keynes who are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to COVID-19.  

The funding is to support programmes which focus on alleviating food and other household essential poverty issues as a result of the pandemicExamples include but are not limited to. 


  • The delivery of food supplies to those in need in our community  

  • Programmes tackling food waste 

  • Capital/ revenue to enable you to run your programme  

  • Parish Councils who are supporting households with energy and water bills for household purposes (including drinking, washing, cooking, central heating, and sanitary purposes) 


Applications for up to £5,000 will be considered under this fund, subject to funding availability. However larger amounts can be considered. In this instance, please contact the Philanthropy Team before making an application on or 01908690276 to discuss further. 

Please apply using this form only.



Our MK Recovery Fund is also live:

MK Recovery Fund - 

Funding is available to support costs including loss of generated income, unplanned costs and adapting to new ways of providing support to vulnerable people in our community. Where possible we would expect organisations delivering similar projects to work in partnership with each other.

Find out more and how to apply HERE.