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Mad March Match Participants 2021

Below is the list of participants taking part in this years Mad March Match...remember to make your donations after the match has started at 10am on Monday 15th March for the chance to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!

1st Emerson and Furzton Guides

We will use the money to help girls attend events they might otherwise not be able to do so.


1st Newport Pagnell Brownies

The funding will enable our group to purchase specialist equipment to support both girls and leaders to fully participate in all our planned activities.


1st Shenley Brook End Brownies

We will use the money to help our girls attend events they may not other wise be able to do so.


1st Shenley Brook End Rainbows

We will use the money to help girls attend events they may not otherwise be able to do so.


3rd Newport Pagnell Rainbows

The funding will allow our group to purchase equipment to allow both girls and leaders with disabilities to fully participate in planned activities.


5 On It Foundation

Providing free group sport community programmes to aid mental health.  It is well documented exercise aids anxiety and depression.


5th Impact UK

Organise and provide online support on training awareness workshops, short videos, webinars and consultation appointment for those needing mental and emotional health support. The fund will support psychological path to recovery for those negatively impacted or at risk of mental issues.


Alina Orchestra

The money raised will provide much need funds to support the orchestras programme of online wellbeing projects. Currently, the orchestra is partnering with Arts for Health MK to create a 12 week project combing classical music and wellbeing - 'Music4Mindfulness' which is aimed at those who feel vulnerable during the pandemic.


Al's Pals MK

We will use this money to provide wonderful gifts to cancer patients. We can provide gifts to the older generation receiving treatment within the cancer centre. A lot of the older generation receiving chemotherapy are quite frail so it will be nice to give them a heart warming gift that will lift their spirits.


Camphill MK Communities

As we head into our 40th year we continue to be innovative and forward thinking like we were when we started back in 1971 and we'd use the funds to continue our development and keep on supporting adults with learning disabilities and autism for years to come.



Job search training and information website functionality development


Festive Road

Once community creative activities are allowed again, we are looking to run some free workshops for people in the local community.


Kings Church Milton Keynes

Any funds raised will be used towards the ongoing provision of hot meals at our Lunch Takeaway sessions, enable further Foodbank distribution, facilitate the growth of the Community Larder and all associated overheads.


Lavendon Village Hall

Lavendon Village Hall is accessible to all members of the local community. It especially welcomes elderly and retired supporters, either as members of village organisations or through community events that are carefully designed to appeal to all age groups. Modern disabled access and facilities are available. Recent improvements, already supported by the MK Community Foundation, have been aimed at greatly improving the hall acoustics to make the soundscape more appealing to the hard of hearing. With the end of the pandemic in sight, the management team are keen to launch a new programme of film and other entertainments aimed at welcoming back all members of the community, especially our elderly demographic, many of whom are now on their own and/or have missed out on normal social contact over the past year. 


Living Archive MK

The money raised will be used to support our volunteer training and activities. Living Archive volunteer digitise, catalogue, preserve the many photographs, film and documents which Living Archive looks after.  Without the support of our volunteers we would not be able to share the stories of Milton Keynes residents.



While so many of the people we support continue to shield during the pandemic we are keen to purchase items that will help pass the time - from puzzles to outdoor games that can be used in the garden.


Men in Sheds Milton Keynes

We will use the funding to make good significant loss of member donations during lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. This will help to secure the Shed's future by covering some of our ongoing running costs.


Milton Keynes Hospital Radio

We will be developing our programming material and increasing promotion of this to the patients in MKUH.


Milton Keynes Irish Welfare Support Group

We are a lunch club and welfare support group for the elderly. Many are vulnerable, socially isolated, live alone with no access to the internet or social media. With the lunch club closed Coronavirus lockdown has disproportionately impacted on physical and mental well being. Money raised will enable us provide 'activity bags' with reading material/puzzles/quiz/specially adapted exercise sheets. We also include fruit and a few treats.


Milton Keynes Reader Service

The money raised will help us to continue to provide a free reading, writing and facilitation service for visually impaired and disabled people in Milton Keynes.


Milton Keynes Rose (Cenotaph Trust)

The money raised will go towards an event at The Rose for Disability Awareness Day in July 2021.


Milton Keynes Rowing Club

The club has 6 Indoor rowing machines. A number of the monitors on the machines are now very old and fail intermittently. Funds will be used to upgrade to the latest monitors.


Milton Keynes Sub-Aqua Club

At Milton Keynes Sub-Aqua Club want to be able to promote the club to the wider community and promote the benefits of Scuba Diving as a sport, both physically and mentally. Now, as we come out of the current situation, we feel that clubs, such as ours, play a vital role in helping life return to normal. Any money raised through events such as this allow us to make sure we have the equipment available to support new members and trainees alike.


MK Act

For counselling to support victims of domestic abuse with mental health issues.


MK City Korfball Club (MKX Korfball)

We will use the money to help relaunch our out-of-school youth sessions for the first time since the start of the pandemic, so that boys and girls all over Milton Keynes have the chance to play korfball whether or not it is played in their school.




MKCA will use these funds to support the health and wellbeing of young people in Milton Keynes. This includes our special educational needs team and members from disadvantaged backgrounds.



It will improve the lives of People with Disabilities as it will help with ongoing training of the volunteers after Covid 19.


MK Melting Pot

-            Money will be used to help elderly people who are living alone-who do not have other family member in Milton Keynes and shielding in this COVID19 pandemic time.

-            Money will be used to purchase food parcel containing cultural food items for elderly people.

-            Money will be used in the project to engage elderly people to stay connected, feel involved, purposeful and less lonely which will help to improve their mental health.


MK Money Lifeline

We are a charitable debt advice centre in Milton Keynes and we are growing the number of our volunteer advisers to meet the challenges of Covid19 and the significant need for debt advice in MK.

Each new adviser costs £340 for training to gain the necessary accreditation to advise, and to be equipped with the technology to do the work.

We have some great stories of how we have worked with our clients to get out of debt and stay out of debt! Relieving stress, anxiety and giving them hope for the future.


Nkiru Arts

Nkiru Arts is an Inclusive Arts for Health organisation, run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Nkiru run regular music and arts based workshops and activities.

Nkiru are now raising funds for Arts Projects for people to do at home. With restrictions for some months to come, we are fundraising for arts kits that will contain all materials and instructions for the Arts project to be completed.

Our Arts projects are aimed at adults. With the stresses of home schooling, home working or living on furlough our Kits are designed to be fun and bring some relief from the impact the pandemic is having on people’s mental health.


Ride High

We will put the money towards our Summer holiday programme that we are planning to run for Ride High members. This will involve taking the children on fun and educational experiences to inspire them and to raise their confidence. This is something that we were unable to do last summer because of covid restrictions.


Scot Bowls Club

We will renew the gullies around all 4 sides of our bowling green to comply with national bowls association regulations & to ensure a safe facility for our members, most of which are elderly & sometimes incapacitated.


St Marks Meals

St Marks Meals provides Meals boxes through partner schools to children and families across MK who are trapped in poverty and who might otherwise go to bed hungry. The money raised form this match challenge would enable us to meet increased demand around the Easter holidays.



St Mary's Church

St. Mary's Community Centre will use the money raised from this fund to build upon the community support provided since March 2020, where local MK3 residents and church members looked after those vulnerable in our community. We are looking at developing these relationships by providing a community cafe and re-launching our mid-week ministry for those at home during the day.

The Community Cafe will provide a large, safe space for people to meet and develop the relationships formed during the Covid19 restrictions of the last 12 months. Many of these individuals where people who had received shielding letters from the Government and therefore have had minimal direct social contact for some time.

St. Mary's Church is excited about re-launching Oasis as many of the guests to these vibrant sessions have also been shielding for many months. These sessions give people the opportunity to engage socially with each other and provide them with discussion topics and guest speakers, a hot meal is always provided.


The Brooklands Centre

The funds raised will help us make our building and vehicles Covid-secure, enabling us to restart our day care and other activities to help the elderly of Newport Pagnell, especially those living alone.


The CrossLinks Centre

CrossLinks is a local Milton Keynes charity which runs support activities and social clubs for the disadvantaged: our Friday Club is for young people with learning disabilities, our Lunch Club provides hot meals to those aged 55+, our Teddy Tots is for pre-school children and their parents/carers; our Disabled Club is for the physically handicapped.  We also partner with other charities to provide social support:  with The Mix we run  a drop-in for people with mental health problems, with MK Money Lifeline we provide advice and support to people with financial difficulties, and with SOFEA and Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council we operate a Community Larder providing food at greatly reduced prices.  With the exception of the Community Larder, all of our activities and clubs have had to remain closed during the Covid lockdowns.  We need soon to advertise that our services are re-opening, and we would like to re-launch with some extra support to our users, such as doughnuts and goodies for Teddy Tots, a trip to a garden centre for our Disabled Club members, a re-launch party for the Friday Club and The Mix.  Funds raised via Mad March Match giving would ensure that we could do something to re-launch ALL of our activities and clubs with generosity and fun.


The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust

Money will be spent providing memory boxes to our registered children and young people.


The National Museum of Computing

Restoration, fix it up and reconnecting people -this is also a fabulous way to support and encourage our people to come out having been locked in for so long, supporting engagement, networking and easing mental health issues and loneliness. This project aims to find a location / office space near the Museum or Bilton Road that allows existing and new volunteers to work on restoration of smaller machines, kits, collections and artefacts in an environment that is clean, warm and suitable for all to work in.


The Stables Theatre Ltd

The Stables Theatre will use support from Local Giving to offer more opportunities for people to engage with live music and music-making activities.


Willen Hospice

The funding will help fund our Clinical Nurse Specialist who is our charity champion for older people and frailty.


Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes

We have seen a double in the amount of homeless and vulnerable people coming for help. Most people coming to us have harder and more complex mental health needs due to trauma or life circumstances and need to see our counsellor before we can help them into longer term accommodation.


Wolverton Park Bowls Club

We will promote the sport of bowls and encourage new players to the sport with free coaching, free use of club equipment and reduced membership fees


York House Centre (Stony Stratford)

Urgent repairs and refurbishment of windows and frames in readiness for the post-COVID re-opening.