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Thank you to all those people who took part in The Big Give

The ‘Surviving Winter’ campaign offers people the opportunity to support some of the most disadvantaged people as the cold nights draw in. As heating bills are ever increasing, it can be difficult for some people, especially the elderly, to stay warm and safe within their own homes, and difficulties may be faced with saving enough money for food and other necessities.

Many of the people who need help are often isolated socially; without the help from friends or family, it is vital that these people can receive the support they so desperately need and deserve.

With your support, we can help local groups and charities protect those people who are most vulnerable to eat well, keep warm and be more mobile so they can live as comfortably as possible.


Thanks to The Big Give our Surviving Winter Campaign has raised over £10,000! 






The opportunity to double your donation for our Surviving Winter Campaign has now closed. Thank you to all those who took part!