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Vital Signs 2020

Vital Signs MK 2020

Vital Signs MK is an annual publication designed to round up the most current research on the communities of Milton Keynes, a short summary version of the report and the long report are available to download via the links on the right.

Vital Signs is an international initiative supported by many UK Community Foundations. It aims to identify significant research that reflect the vitality of Milton Keynes, measuring several areas critical to the quality of life in the city.

This year we report on four areas of Vital Signs: Diversity; Health and Wellbeing; Poverty and Disadvantage; Crime and Safety. These areas had been selected prior to the Covid-19 pandemic as areas of concern from the 2019 report, however with lockdown, their relevance has become even more significant.

The areas covered by the Report do not stand in isolation, so this year, to show how the areas intersect we have added additional statistics around Diversity in the key facts of the other areas.

Milton Keynes Community Foundation will continue our series of Vital Thinking events in collaboration with our local partners and community groups to address the causes and impacts of these issues.



If you would like some copies of this year's Vital Signs report for your Parish Council, Library or group, then please get in touch with us at 


Vital Signs MK reports from previous years: