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Vital Signs 2018

Vital Signs MK 2018

Vital Signs MK is an annual publication designed to round up the most current research on the communities of Milton Keynes and present it in an easy-to-read format. Vital Signs categories help us to highlight our strengths and point to the challenges that we face in Milton Keynes. Inevitably, there are areas that overlap and affect one another. This report asks how can we can all work together to support, inspire and lead our local communities.

This year, our Vital Signs Research focuses on; Disadvantage and Poverty, Education, Diversity and the Economy.


Milton Keynes Community Foundation will continue our series of Vital Thinking events in collaboration with our local partners and community groups. Last year we held Vital Thinking events around mental health and disadvantage and poverty creating a better understanding of what we can do, as a community, to address the causes and impacts of these issues.


Disadvantage and Poverty





The Economy




If you would like some copies of this year's Vital Signs report for your Parish Council, Library or group, then please get in touch with us at 


To download this year’s Vital Signs extended version with many more statistics and links to all of the sources of the original research click here 

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