Vital Signs MK 2015

We've collated local and national research to find out how MK is doing as a place to live, work and learn. 

Dowload your copy of Vital Signs MK today by clicking here>>> 

Watch the Vital Signs MK report launch below, where Bart Gamber Director of Programmes shares this year's report findings

Here are some of the key findings from Vital Signs MK, which can be found in the main report here>>

Prosperity and opportunities to grow business contributes greatly to the vitality and vibrancy of an area. As one of the most recession-proof local economies in the nation, Milton Keynes has proven itself to be a natural home for creative enterprise and innovative business practice with new and well-established companies. Measures of any local economy include productivity, presence of diverse industries and opportunities for enterprise and innovation. 

In order to live to our full potential as individuals, we must all have equal access to opportunities, such as equality of access to meaningful employment and good quality services, as well as opportunities for social and educational engagement.

Education and skills provide greater access  to employment, lifelong learning and personal growth. Strategies to promote opportunities for early childhood development can have a significant impact on young people’s long  term educational attainment. 

Feeling ‘healthy’ is important to our sense of vitality and wellbeing. Health includes both physical and mental health as well as lifestyle choices and opportunities. Building a greater awareness and understanding of social conditions, including differences in gender, income, ethnic background, education and early childhood development also helps to inform us about the overall wellbeing of our communities. 

Dowload your copy of Vital Signs MK today by clicking here>>>

Want a little more detail? Download the full Vital Signs report by clicking here>>>

Access Vital Signs reports from previous years by clicking here>>>

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