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Donor Survey

In April 2017, MK Community Foundation carried out a survey to our donors, members and fund holders to help us understand how we might improve our philanthropy services – the aim of this was ultimately to provide data and information that would help guide an improved Donor Care offer to develop and enrich the donor experience. After analysis of the results and comments, we have amalgamated a series of actions, which we hope will improve the donor experience, and encourage more members of our community to join Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

  • The responses to Question 2 indicate that it is our reputation and expertise that leads to members joining us. This needs highlighting in all promotional materials that are produced in the future.


  • Question 14 responses tell us that transparency, with regard to fund allocations and grant making, is important to our fundholders. This knowledge will be included in the ways we work with fund holders.
  • Questions 7, 13 and 16 responses very much focused on how we can improve our communications with donors:
  1. The website will have dedicated areas where the ‘grants made’ are highlighted and organised using the ‘Vital Signs’ parameters, showing areas of impact to our donors.
  2. Members will receive a ‘snapshot’ report, which shows the impact that the Community Fund has on Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages. This should be available to both individual and corporate members. Fund holders will still receive their annual fund report, focusing on their own fund.
  3. Furthermore, we will ensure that members have all been invited to a ‘Seeing is Believing’ project visit during the forthcoming financial year (prioritising those who may not have engaged with the Foundation recently).
  • In response to Questions 15 & 16, as the leading local grant-making charity, MK Community Foundation has developed a short film to advertise our offer to potential members by showing a snapshot of the projects, and groups, we support throughout our community. 

The following infographic emphasises how we reach out to people who have no idea that MK Community Foundation exists:

Social media channels will give us the capacity to share our film with a wider audience and therefore market the Foundation to new potential members who do not understand who we are or what we do.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to participate in this survey.