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Grants We Have Awarded

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Buckingham Canal Society

April 2017 | Awarded: £4,872

To fund the salary for the project manager, workshop costs and tutor fees which will enable young people to be involved in the canal clean-up project. The aim is for people to learn creative skills and apply it to support a local charity or community group & gain a qualification.

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MK Play Association

April 2017 | Awarded: £317

To fund the cleaning, repair or purchase of equipment that are used in holiday clubs, schools and local community groups. The equipment creates a vital opportunity for the community and local children’s organisations, so they can continue to make an impact in the community.

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MK Gallacticos Football Club

April 2017 | Awarded: £3,032

To fund the ‘Youth Challenge Cup’ which is held every year by the club. The tournament offers an opportunity for children from all backgrounds a chance to play together in a friendly and positive environment. The event also promotes integration from all sectors of the community.

Baby Basics

April 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund a marketing project to promote the growth of Baby Basics; which includes promotional material such as a personalised gazebo to use at events they visit. The aim is not only make people more aware of the organisation, but to also hopefully result in more donations coming in.

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Festive Road CIC

April 2017 | Awarded: £10,000

To fund the production of ‘Festival of Giants’; a big outdoor festival showcasing the arts in Campbell Park as part of the MK50 festivities. The event will involve many different artists, groups and organisations, and will be a culmination of various people from all backgrounds exhibiting their work.

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Men in Sheds Milton Keynes

April 2017 | Awarded: £1,065

To fund a training programme to train people in wood machinery, which will ensure the continued safe running of the workshops there. The projects purpose is to improve safety for the ‘shedders’ while they enjoy the facilities available in the wood working area.

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Milton Keynes Parks Trust Ltd

April 2017 | Awarded: £5,000

To fund the MK Play Day held at Campbell Park, which is held every year. Children and families can attend and take part in many different activities. The day aims to encourage people to get together as a family and learn through play, to find out what is available locally.

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Sherington Pre-School

March 2017 | Awarded: £180

To fund three tablets that will facilitate the use of an online system to track and monitor the children’s progress and allow parents to access their child’s records. This system will enable parents to be more involved in special moments in their child’s education.

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Thames Valley Partnership Family Matter Group

March 2017 | Awarded: £2,420

The negative impact on children of a parent’s imprisonment is well evidenced, partners left behind are frequently vulnerable & under pressure. Strong family ties can be a significant factor in helping offenders desist from further crime. TVP works to raise the profile of issues faced by families in these circumstances.

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Milton Keynes Torch Trust

March 2017 | Awarded: £430

To fund the transport costs of a holiday in Hassocks for 7 people with visual impairments, some of whom also have other disabilities. The aim is to provide a holiday to the participants which will lift their spirits and make them feel happier and more positive about their situation.

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Potential Plus UK

March 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To help fund a free event that will bring the community together. Activities will involve speakers for children (about things like particle physics and maths) and activities such as circus skills. This will help to reduce isolation, and offer support where needed.

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Broughton Cycling Group

March 2017 | Awarded: £1,968

To support a Cycling Sportive and a family fun day alongside the event for the families of riders and local families in wider MK. The aim is to increase community spirit and to bring people together to support local participants in the race.

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