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Grants We Have Awarded

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Milton Keynes Museum

September 2018 | Awarded: £5000

To fund the 'HERstory' exhibition at Milton Keynes Museum representing women's lives, experience and history as part of the celebration of 100 years of Suffrage.

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Careers Action

September 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund the materials that would be needed to develop mini guides that will help people who are seeking new employment or are looking at changing their career; often following redundancy.

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ReachOut Youth

September 2018 | Awarded: £15000

To fund weekly school/evening sessions for secondary schools in Hackney, London. The programme focuses on developing character strengths and improving social confidence to help the children succeed.

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Transitions UK

September 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund the ‘Attain’ project; a two year programme which supports young people before they leave care, and offers them transitional support.

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Guide Dogs for the Blind

September 2018 | Awarded: £4172

To fund courses to recruit and teach volunteers and family members to deliver sighted guiding.

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NAS - Milton Keynes branch

August 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund two exclusive family events for those with autism. The events will include train rides, workshops, soft play and music therapy sessions. The events help to eliminate isolation and offer a chance for the families to have fun in a relaxed environment.

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Pagan Pride UK

August 2018 | Awarded: £856

To fund parts of a festival for Pagan Pride Milton Keynes to have an inclusive gathering for all types of Paganism and to educate people in the community who are interested in learning more. Paganism incorporates many religions and cultural lifestyle paths that are non-religious.

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5th Impact UK

August 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund various costs to educate ethnic minorities in Milton Keynes on mental health issues and to help deal with issues before they worsen. The project will help in creating awareness and eradicating fears about mental health issues among ethnic minorities.

Arts for Health MK

August 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund weekly arts interventions for up to 16 people per week in areas that attract a high volume of homeless people. The programmes provide an important opportunity to improve social skills and build confidence, while creating a sense of community and providing a safe environment where everyone is valued.

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St Andrews Baptist Church

August 2018 | Awarded: £1166

To fund a football tournament and a barbeque for young people to enjoy in the summer holidays, for the residents of Bletchley. The events will help improve social cohesion within the community and improve mental well-being and physical health.

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Tri-MK Milton Keynes Triathlon Club

August 2018 | Awarded: £1450

To fund the training for volunteers to become qualified coaches. Tri-MK currently coach around 20 young athletes each week. The club creates a positive change in the young athletes who participate.

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Phoenix Rising:MK

August 2018 | Awarded: £1485

To fund a series of workshops that aim to help groups of adults with learning disabilities and difficulties to develop their vocal communication and confidence skills. This project will help the beneficiaries improve their self-confidence and creative expression.

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