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Grants We Have Awarded

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Woughton Community Council

November 2016 | Awarded: £850

To fund the Circus School which will be part of the Woughton Parish Carnival where residents can take part in various circus skills. Woughton Community Council organise an annual Carnival that is full of entertaining activities for people to see and do.

Newport Pagnell Under 7 Lions Football Team

November 2016 | Awarded: £200

To purchase rain jackets for the under seven football team members. Their aim is to ensure children have a chance to participate in team sports and learn basic skills.

MK Play Association

November 2016 | Awarded: £1,492

To fund the provision of 10 play sessions in the West Bletchley Area with the theme of MK50. The sessions would be Open Access to engage all of the community; these sessions would engage and educate children of ages 4-14 who do not get this kind of play opportunities.

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Rotary Club of Newport Pagnell

November 2016 | Awarded: £1,000

To part fund the purchase and installation of a Public Access Defibrillator (including a cabinet), which will be located in Market Hill in the middle of Newport Pagnell. This will be the only Public Access Defibrillator available in the town centre and would be available 24 hours per day.

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West Bletchley Short Mat Bowls Club

October 2016 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund the replacement of ageing mats that are getting dangerous as the edges turning up and causing a potential health and safety issue. People that attend the club mainly go to play bowls, but they make friends and it reduces social isolation at the same time.

The Middle Eastern Cultural Group

October 2016 | Awarded: £200

To fund the purchase of a heavy duty sewing machine to produce a sensory book which will be used as a teaching tool for children who have special needs. The book will be created by volunteers from different backgrounds who will work together to produce it.

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Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes

October 2016 | Awarded: £4,800

To part fund a project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes, entitled ‘Find & Seek Milton Keynes’. Information relating to 50 landmarks across Milton Keynes will be collated and people will be able to explore and discover more via a phone app.

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5th Newport Pagnell Brownies

October 2016 | Awarded: £48

To fund the purchase of a variety of refreshments for a celebratory event that the 5th Newport Pagnell Brownies put on for the MK50 celebrations.

Louis Grao

October 2016 | Awarded: £1,500

The funds have helped Louis Grao to purchase a new trumpet. He has played in several Junior Royal Academy concerts, and is now concentrating on preparing for auditions for several major conservatoires of music to study trumpet.

MK Money Lifeline

October 2016 | Awarded: £128

To fund the purchase of t-shirts for fundraising and marketing opportunities and to raise the awareness of the group within Milton Keynes. MK Money Lifeline (MKML) is an independent Christian debt advice charity providing help and advice on money and debt-related matters to people who require.

Friends of the Caribbean

October 2016 | Awarded: £198

To fund the hire of Conniburrow Community centre to facilitate a Health Awareness Day of events. The organisation plans events that aim to promote good health and the advancement of education, while promoting the Caribbean as a region.

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The Middle Eastern Cultural Group

October 2016 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund the production costs for the implementation of the Sensory Book Project which is a community project to produce a creative educational tool to be used in schools for children with different special needs.

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