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Get Involved In Volunteering (GIV)

June 2016 | Awarded: £1,500

To support a project to create a garden and play area at St Francis Adoption Centre, Woolstone. GIV works with schools to encourage KS3 students to experience supported volunteering in their own community. Volunteering improves self-confidence, motivation, team working and problem-solving skills.

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Child Bereavement UK

June 2016 | Awarded: £20,000

To support two part-time Bereavement Support Practitioners, as part of the dedicated bereavement support service in Milton Keynes. This will expand their reach to bereaved families in and near Milton Keynes, to reach those most in need of support.

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Milton Keynes Museum

June 2016 | Awarded: £845

To support year 6 students from Jubilee Wood School to visit the museum for free. Many students do not speak English as a first language. Some students will have a film training session to talk about objects from the museum and their memories about coming to Milton Keynes.

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Fishermead Trinity Centre

June 2016 | Awarded: £5,000

To purchase garden equipment and a pizza oven, providing education and fun activities for children and their families. The pizza oven will educate children that fresh produce can be used creatively and immediately, as it can be used for a variety of cooking, not just pizza.

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Aspects Trust

June 2016 | Awarded: £1,100

To take 25 young people from the Aspects youth club to Great Yarmouth during the summer holidays. The Aspects Youth Club is open to all young people on the ASD spectrum across MK, where they can socialise and learn new skills.

Hindu Youth Group (MK)

June 2016 | Awarded: £200

To support the purchase of new outdoor and camping equipment that needs replacing. Previously the group were unable to take their members on camping trips due to the age of their equipment.

MK Snap

June 2016 | Awarded: £1,570

To support the hire of two marquees for MK Disability Awareness Day, one for the main stage and its events and the second for the craft and creative activities including face painting, drawing, painting, decorating, musical and play area.

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MK Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Group

June 2016 | Awarded: £3,500

To purchase replacement demand valves which are vital to Hyperbaric Oxygen. If they are not replaced, there will be oxygen leakage which will incur extra costs and leak to the chamber making it unusable. The chamber helps improve physical and mental functioning, and helps increase life chances.

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Make Lunch MK

May 2016 | Awarded: £1,496

To support two kitchens to be open during school holidays to feed children who would otherwise go hungry. Make Lunch MK invite children who are eligible for free meals, or families known to schools to be struggling. They provide a hot, free lunch for those children and their families.

Public Community Allotment

May 2016 | Awarded: £1,438

To purchase equipment to conserve water and to replace garden tools for the allotment on Pinewood Drive in Bletchley. At the end of the growing season, the products are shared with the helpers and then any left overs are given to charities that feed the homeless and poor.

Shaw Savill Way Residents Group

May 2016 | Awarded: £197

To support a community party with a bouncy castle, outdoor games and craft materials. For everyone to feel welcome and part of the community; Since the party, activity on the street has continued as residents have got to know each other.

Arts Gateway MK

May 2016 | Awarded: £2,000

To support the production and presentation of the MÓTUS 2016 dance festival to expand their impact on audiences through dance. The aim is to open an audience's perception of what dance can include, expanding opportunities of getting involved with alternative physical activity.

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