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Grants We Have Awarded

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1st Oxley Park Guides

July 2018 | Awarded: £1,000

To fund a subsidised cost for the Guide group to visit an ‘extreme’ winter camp, which will allow them the opportunity to gain important survival skills, which will allow them access to more advanced training so they can obtain further skills for future programmes, such as D of E.


July 2018 | Awarded: £1,142

To fund career workout sessions for students in Years 7 – 10 in Sir Herbert Leon Academy to attend and broaden their knowledge on how to obtain jobs and what route to take in education that will help to achieve these.

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MK Melting Pot

July 2018 | Awarded: £1,455

To fund the construction of a giant Afro-Caribbean puppet to be paraded in Milton Keynes for Black History Month, to raise awareness and improve community cohesion. The project will improve awareness of historical knowledge of the impact of the black community locally in Milton Keynes.

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Hanslope Methodist Church

July 2018 | Awarded: £1,040

To fund specialist training for current volunteers to enable them to be able to manage @Hanslope projects such as Messy Church, Forest Church and Cook@Chapel. The training will also help the sustainability and the development of @Hanslope within the community.

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Clean Slate Church

July 2018 | Awarded: £800

To fund a Christmas meal for people in Milton Keynes for disadvantaged people. The 3 course meal is cooked to restaurant quality and guests receive table service. The meal provides a place for the guests to socialise and feel part of the community.

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Xtra Special Families

July 2018 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund sessions between August and May for families and children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with more complex needs and disabilities to attend fun events where they can have fun as families and engage with others from a similar background.

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Pagrav Dance Company

July 2018 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund 2 days of workshops in 3 schools and 2 Asian community groups for young people to have access to learn skills in design, choreography, set design and dance. The aim of the workshops is to offer more accessible opportunities for people.

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MacIntyre Care

July 2018 | Awarded: £272

To fund a ‘Memories and Miles’ walk to reflect on and remember people who have dementia. The walk, which will take place at Lodge Lake in Great Holm, will include activities and aims at raising awareness and understanding.

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Future 4 You

July 2018 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund a week long course for young people to gain an insight into the music industry. The ‘Summer Holiday Music Club MK’ will offer the opportunity for 10-15 year olds to learn about the music industry while learning valuable skills.

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York House Centre (Stony Stratford)

July 2018 | Awarded: £245

To fund materials for a family art workshop that will encourage community cohesion.

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MK Play Association

June 2018 | Awarded: £3960

To fund 12 play sessions to encourage greater community cohesion in the new estates of Whitehouse and Fairfields. The play sessions provide an opportunity for children to make new friends as well.

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Arts Gateway MK

June 2018 | Awarded: £1500

To fund a project manager, merchandise, refreshments, a videographer and subsidised tickets for targeted groups to enjoy the MK Lit Fest 2018. The main festival weekend is 21st to 24th September 2018 and will include a variety of different events for people to enjoy.

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