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One World Club

May 2017 | Awarded: £1,300

To fund the performers for the One World Celebration event which will be held at Christ the Cornerstone, which will celebrate many MK cultural communities, MK50 and also the church’s 25th year anniversary. The aim is to provide an opportunity for people to feel included and accepted.

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Baby Basics IT equipment and marketing materials

April 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund the purchase of a laptop and printer allowing the charity to be effective with their referral system, social media email and marketing.

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The Middle Eastern Cultural Group

April 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund a study & business plan for MK Bridge, to develop a one-stop shop that will bring together the BME community groups in MK, so they are able to share resources and collaborate together. The benefit will be that the groups will have a stable location to operate from.

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Fishermead Trinity Centre

April 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund the hire of Woughton leisure centre, to train a basketball team. The aim of the team is to engage young people, who can develop team and communication skills all while getting fit. The project will ultimately lead to developing a branded young people’s basketball team in MK.

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Inter-Action (MK) Ltd

April 2017 | Awarded: £4,543

To fund a complete refresh of the nightclub, Groovy Gecko for learning disabled adults. The three areas which will evolve will be: mentoring and engagement with members, skills and training and the increase and expansion of their offers. The club offers quality entertainment within an accessible area for its members.

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April 2017 | Awarded: £800

To fund the preparations for a concert performance in St Mary and St Giles Church in Stony Stratford. The concert offers the chance for the Youth Choir to sing alongside a high quality adult choir, and for the audience to be able to hear a cross selection of different music.

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Broughton and Brooklands Community Connectors

April 2017 | Awarded: £2,000

To enable the organisation to have activities on during the summer, to encourage a sense of community cohesion, increase socialising and decrease feelings of isolation, by making it accessible to as many people as possible. This will be done by providing free or affordable sessions that people can attend.

Buckingham Canal Society

April 2017 | Awarded: £4,872

To fund the salary for the project manager, workshop costs and tutor fees which will enable young people to be involved in the canal clean-up project. The aim is for people to learn creative skills and apply it to support a local charity or community group & gain a qualification.

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MK Inclusive Tennis

April 2017 | Awarded: £1,476

To fund the cost of running tennis sessions for children and adults with visual impairments or learning difficulties and their adult wheelchair sessions. The benefits of these sessions is an increase in confidence for the participants and an opportunity to build social skills, while improving physical health as well.

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MK Gallacticos Football Club

April 2017 | Awarded: £3,032

To fund the ‘Youth Challenge Cup’ which is held every year by the club. The tournament offers an opportunity for children from all backgrounds a chance to play together in a friendly and positive environment. The event also promotes integration from all sectors of the community.

Festive Road CIC

April 2017 | Awarded: £10,000

To fund the production of ‘Festival of Giants’; a big outdoor festival showcasing the arts in Campbell Park as part of the MK50 festivities. The event will involve many different artists, groups and organisations, and will be a culmination of various people from all backgrounds exhibiting their work.

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Leisure Together

April 2017 | Awarded: £607

To fund the cost of setting up adult social group meetings in Newton Leys; including the cost of room hire and advertising. The group is open to every adult local resident. The aim is for people to build relationships, have fun and combat loneliness.

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