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Grants We Have Awarded

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The Fred Roche Foundation

June 2017 | Awarded: £903

To fund a free event in the Fred Roche Gardens for MK50. The party will include music, dancing, refreshments and activities for people to get involved with. This celebration will help people understand and create awareness in the way in which Milton Keynes is moving forward over the next 50 years.

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Carers Milton Keynes

June 2017 | Awarded: £25,000

To fund the ‘Same Chances’ project; which aims to develop a service that supports Young Adult Carers and helps them to have the same chances as other people their age. It involves one to one sessions, life skills training, peer support groups and other methods to help each individual personally.

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MK Melting Pot

June 2017 | Awarded: £4,845

To fund cooking courses at Springfield Community Centre for groups of people within Springfield, so that they can learn about healthy cooking skills, budgeting and offer them the opportunity for them to be able to earn a Health and Food Hygiene Certificate.

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Milton Keynes Arts Centre

June 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund an open day at the centre that will provide an entertaining and educational day of drop-in sessions for various crafts, such as: ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting and silversmithing that will be suitable for all abilities. There will also be artists running informal demonstrations.

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Create (Arts) Limited

June 2017 | Awarded: £2,477

To fund arts workshops that will enable disabled young people to develop their creative and social skills and confidence while creating new friendships. The project will help the young people involved to grow in self-confidence and self-esteem, while increasing their creativity.

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Friends of the Caribbean

June 2017 | Awarded: £1,570

To fund the cost of volunteers, the hire of Campbell Park Cricket ground and a public notice in the Citizen for a Caribbean fun day in July. The project aims to bring the community together, while teaching people about a popular Caribbean sport.

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Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis

June 2017 | Awarded: £4,881

To fund a one to one counselling service and helpline for women who've been affected by sexual abuse. The service aims to increase their mental well being of and help them to be more in control of their lives, and to increase their social networks to combat isolation.

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Talent Unlimited MK

May 2017 | Awarded: £1,440

To fund the venue hire for sessions that are provided to help people with Autism develop their skills and talents twice a month. The project will encourage people to develop their own individual talents, and in doing so, relieve social isolation and mental health issues.

One World Club

May 2017 | Awarded: £1,300

To fund the performers for the One World Celebration event which will be held at Christ the Cornerstone, which will celebrate many MK cultural communities, MK50 and also the church’s 25th year anniversary. The aim is to provide an opportunity for people to feel included and accepted.

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Local Media Initiatives CIC

May 2017 | Awarded: £1,200

To fund the building of the website, which will allow people from different communities communicate with each other. The website will give residents the opportunity to write their own stories about themselves and events that are taking place in their own communities that will hopefully help the community grow stronger.

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Broughton and Brooklands Community Connectors

May 2017 | Awarded: £2,000

To fund activities that will take place over the summer for families to take part in together, to create a more cohesive community spirit and reduce feelings of isolation for vulnerable people. There will be free and low cost sessions which will make them more accessible to low income families.

YiS Youth Counselling Service

May 2017 | Awarded: £1,500

To fund a counsellor for 138 sessions, or counselling for young people in MK over 12 months. The counselling offered helps young people with a variety of issues, with promising results. Some of the things in which they help with are: anxiety, depression and family problems.

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